At TOCA Salon Group we are committed to our environment – we care for our planet as much as we care about our family of teams and our clients.

We are committed to doing our part by being selective in who we choose to partner with from Salon supplies through to recycling our salon waste and reducing the amount of waste that could normally end up in landfill.

We always seek out to partner with likeminded business’, we reject animal testing and do not use any products containing palm oil or microbeads. We seek out vegan friendly products using ethically sourced ingredients and believe that every small change we make will make a difference and is worth the effort.

Green Fee

Our salons charge a green fee of £1.50 for every visit to help us in being a zero to landfill salon as we recycle your hair, used foils, hair extensions, empty metal colour tubes and plastics through partnering with The Green Salon Collective. We are committed to playing our part in reducing landfill from salons where foils and metal tubes would normally take up to 400 years to breakdown and harm our environment. We can’t change all the tools we need in our industry but we are committed to changing our waste management.

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