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TOCA Hedge End

19 Bursledon Rd, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 0BP

 CALL US ON 01489 787545

Formally known as Vanilla Rooms.

We are a friendly, professional and award-winning Hair and beauty salon in Hedge End, Hampshire. 

Many of the highly-skilled team have been with us for close to 20 years, as have some of our loyal clients.

We are a close knit team that pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The only thing we love more than keeping up with the latest trends is making our clients feel special –every time they visit us.

So whether you come in for a quick cut or a full pamper, expect to be greeted with a smile, and to leave with one.

We are proud to be partnered with Wella

This means we use only the highest quality products to guarantee our clients the best results possible. Our stylists complete regular on line training sessions and hands on workshops to stay ahead of the trends.

Opening Hours

We believe loyalty should be rewarding…

So we’ve partnered with Trebbly, making it a super simple to gain rewards and unlock discounts, just for being a loyal customer.

To start collecting points today, simply download the Trebbly rewards App for iOS or Android, or pick up a rewards fob in salon.

Meet the TOCA Hedge End Team


Salon Manager

Georgie has been with us for 4 years, starting as a Saturday colleague, progressing through an apprenticeship at HAHA Training Academy, and is now our Salon Manager!

Georgie enjoys the variety that being a salon stylist brings and loves the chance to get creative with colour.



Emma has been hairdressing for 25 years, spending 19 of them with us at TOCA Hedge End.

Although she enjoys the variety that working in a busy salon brings, Emma most enjoys colours and restyles, but above all else, she likes to make sure her clients leave happy!



An experienced receptionist, Jan has helped to keep TOCA Hedge End running smoothly for 18 years and counting!

A true people person, the part of her job that Jan loves most is getting to know the clients, making sure they feel at ease the minute they walk in.

Georgia A


Georgia has been in the industry for 15 years, and apart from a brief stint at a salon in Southampton, this time has been spent with us at TOCA Hedge End.

A keen colourist at heart, she loves the challenge of completing a drastic transformation.



Harry has been an apprentice at TOCA Hedge End for almost a year and describes us as a welcoming, friendly and creative team.

Harry said, “I enjoy the social aspect, communicating with the salons' clientele and learning the skills I need to build my career in the industry.”

Cutting & StylingClareEmmaGeorgiaGeorgie
Cut & Blast, GHD Curl£42.00£42.00£42.00
Cut & Bouncy Blowdry£58.00£58.00£58.00
Cut & Bouncy Blowdry with Colour£52.00£52.00£52.00
Dry Cut£27.00£27.00£27.00
Fringe Trim£5.00
Ladies Cut & Blow Dry 30-45£42.00£42.00£42.00£42.00
Ladies Cut & Blow Dry 30-45 WITH COL£38.00£38.00£38.00£38.00
Ladies Cut & Blow Dry 60 ONLY£46.00£46.00£46.00£46.00
Ladies Cut & Blow Dry 60 WITH COL£43.00£43.00£43.00£43.00
Ladies Dry Cut WITH COL£24.00£24.00£24.00£24.00
Ladies Dry Trim£21.00£21.00£21.00£21.00
Ladies Wet Cut with Colour£28.00£28.00£28.00£28.00
Restyle & Blow Dry£49.00£49.00£49.00
Wet Cut£31.00£31.00£31.00
Ladies Senior Express Cut£18.00
Express Cut£23.00
Cut & Blowdry Long£46.00
Cut & blowdry Medium£50.50£50.50£50.50£42.00
Dry cut long£27.00
Dry cut Medium£27.00
Wet cut Long£31.00
Wet cut Medium£31.00
GHD Curls£16.00£16.00£16.00£16.00
Ladies Blow Dry 30 - 45 ONLY£28.00£28.00£28.00£28.00
Ladies Blow Dry 30-45 WITH COL£25.00£25.00£25.00£25.00
Ladies Blow Dry 45 - 60 ONLY£37.00£37.00£37.00£37.00
Ladies Blow Dry 45-60 WITH COL£32.00£32.00£32.00£32.00
Ladies Bouncy Blowdry Long/Thick ONLY£31.00£31.00£31.00£31.00
Ladies Bouncy Blowdry Long/Thick WITH COL£28.00£28.00£28.00£28.00
Blast and Straighten£26.00£26.00£26.00£26.00
Blowdry Medium Weekly£34.00£34.00
Balayage Package 2£153.00£153.00
Balayage Package 3£105.00£105.00
Bond8 1/2 Head£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Bond8 Full Head£15.00£15.00£15.00£15.00
Bond8 T-Bar£5.00£5.00£5.00£5.00
Dab 3/4 WEEKS REGULAR£34.00£34.00£34.00£34.00
Dab Parting / Hairline£21.00£21.00£21.00£21.00
Full Head Highlights£70.00£70.00£70.00£70.00
Full Head Roots & Few Strips£58.00£58.00£58.00£58.00
Full Head Roots & Full Head Strips£80.00£80.00£80.00£80.00
Full Head Roots & Half Head Strips£69.00£69.00£69.00£69.00
Full Head Slices Plus£84.00£84.00£84.00
Half Head Highlights£59.00£59.00£59.00£59.00
Permanent colour (Re growth)£45.00£45.00£45.00£45.00
Semi/Quasi Colour£37.00£37.00£37.00£37.00
T - Section/Part Head£48.00£48.00£48.00£48.00
Toner full tube£17.00£17.00£17.00£17.00
Toner half tube£10.00£10.00£10.00£10.00
Toner quarter tube£8.00£8.00£8.00£8.00
Toner three quarters tube£14.00£14.00£14.00£14.00
Scalp Bleach Short£42.00
Perming/Straightening & ExtensionsClareEmmaGeorgiaGeorgie
Full Head Perm£53.00£53.00£53.00
Keratin straightening £££ on consultation
Part Head Perm£42.00£42.00£42.00
Lisse Long£145.00
Lisse Medium£135.00
Lisse Short£120.00
Conditioning Treatment£6.00£6.00£6.00£6.00
Gents & ChildrenClareEmmaGeorgiaGeorgie
Gents Clipper Cut£8.00£8.00£8.00
Gents Cut£16.00£16.00£16.00
Gents Senior£13.00
Child Cut 5-16 Yrs£16.00£16.00£16.00£16.00
Child Cut, Blast & Straighten£27.00£27.00£27.00£27.00
Child Trim 5-16 yrs£11.00£11.00£11.00£11.00
Child Cut Under 5£8.00£6.00£8.00
Beauty ServicesRachel
Eyes & LashesSkin Test£0.00
Eyes & LashesEyebrow Tint£9.50
Eyes & LashesEyelash Lift inc Tint£35.00
Eyes & LashesEyelash Tint£14.00
Eyes & LashesEyebrow Shape & Tint£16.50
Eyes & LashesEyelash & Brow Tint£23.00
Facial & MassageBack, Neck & Shoulder Massage£30.00
Facial & MassageExpress Facial£30.00
Facial & MassageFull Body Massage£45.00
Facial & MassageRelaxing Facial£45.00
Hands, Feet & NailsBuild in a Bottle with Removal£33.50
Hands, Feet & NailsBuild in Bottle Full Set£32.00
Hands, Feet & NailsCallous Peel£25.00
Hands, Feet & NailsCallous Peel & Pedicure on top£16.00
Hands, Feet & NailsCreative Spa Manicure Colour£28.00
Hands, Feet & NailsCreative Spa Manicure French£31.00
Hands, Feet & NailsCreative Spa Pedicure Colour£33.00
Hands, Feet & NailsCreative Spa Pedicure French£36.00
Hands, Feet & NailsFile & Paint£14.00
Hands, Feet & NailsFile & Paint French£16.00
Hands, Feet & NailsGel Bottle hands with removal£28.50
Hands, Feet & NailsGel French Hands£32.00
Hands, Feet & NailsGel French Hands with Removal£33.50
Hands, Feet & NailsGel Pedicure£39.00
Hands, Feet & NailsGel polish soak off£6.00
Hands, Feet & NailsGel Toes£27.00
Hands, Feet & NailsGel Toes with Removal£28.50
Hands, Feet & NailsGlitter Accent Per Nail£1.00
Hands, Feet & NailsIBX Treatment£12.00
Hands, Feet & NailsJust Removal£8.00
Hands, Feet & NailsLittle Miss Manicure£10.00
Hands, Feet & NailsLuxury Manicure French£38.00
Hands, Feet & NailsLuxury Pedicure French£41.00
Hands, Feet & NailsMini Manicure£17.00
Hands, Feet & NailsMini Pedicure Colour£24.00
Hands, Feet & NailsMini Pedicure French£27.00
Hands, Feet & NailsShellac Pedicure French£29.00
Hands, Feet & NailsThe Gel Bottle Hands£27.00
Hands, Feet & NailsFile & Paint Toes£19.00
Hands, Feet & NailsRemoval and Manicure£40.00
Waxing & IPL1/2 Leg Wax£18.00
Waxing & IPL3/4 Leg Wax£25.00
Waxing & IPLAbdomen Wax£12.00
Waxing & IPLBikini Wax£13.00
Waxing & IPLBrazilian Wax£23.00
Waxing & IPLChin Threading£7.00
Waxing & IPLExtended Bikini Wax£17.00
Waxing & IPLEyebrows Wax£9.00
Waxing & IPLFull Arm Wax£17.00
Waxing & IPLFull Face Wax£22.00
Waxing & IPLFull Leg Wax£28.00
Waxing & IPLHalf Arm Wax£12.00
Waxing & IPLHollywood Wax£28.50
Waxing & IPLLip Chin Wax£14.00
Waxing & IPLLip or Chin Wax£8.00
Waxing & IPLLip Threading£7.00
Waxing & IPLSide Threading£4.00
Waxing & IPLUnderarm Wax£12.00

Find Us

TOCA Hedge End
19 Bursledon Rd,
Hedge End, Southampton
SO30 0BP


Tuesday – Wednesday

09.30am – 5.00pm

Thursday – Friday

09.30am – 7.30pm


09:00am – 3.00pm





01489 787545