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The TOCA Experience

When you visit a TOCA Salon Group salon, our belief is that you deserve an enjoyable and memorable experience from beginning to end.

Our Core Values are what we lean on to make that happen. They illustrate the collaboration of all areas of our business model from the way we inspire our amazing teams to how we treat each person that steps through our door.

Client Satisfaction & Value

We aim to provide our clients with an exceptional level of service during every visit. We listen, we anticipate, and we truly enjoy assisting you to the best of our ability.

We also structure our price menu to be as straightforward and inclusive as possible, and competitive. All of this helps us achieve a very high level of client satisfaction, and we welcome your feedback from your visit.

Creativity & Artistry

Our industry is a creative one, and we recruit those who can successfully fuse creativity with professionalism.

We have big plans in the future to stretch our teams creativity by styling editorial photo shoots, partaking in competitions, working backstage at fashion shows, and more – with the support of our business partnerships.

Professionalism & Accountability

What we do at TOCA Salon Group is not a hobby – its our passion and our profession. This means we take our jobs seriously, and we hold each other accountable to the highest standards of character, conduct and ethics throughout our organisation. We also hold ourselves accountable to you and do our very best to engender your trust.

Friendly, Warm & Welcoming

We know you have plenty of salons from which to choose and we will never take your choice to trust us for granted. We appreciate every phone call, every visit, and are happy to see each and every one of you. The only attitude you will experience from us is a good one. At the heart of what we do is the belief that the experience is as important as the end result.

Cleanliness & Client Care

We understand that providing personal services is more than just what happens in the chair or on the treatment bed. It’s how comfortable you feel in our space and how relaxed you can be when visiting us. We care about our clients and all our teams are committed to ensuring your safety by adhering to Government and Industry guidelines, maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Team Oriented

Our teams work together, share knowledge, support each other and hold each other accountable when necessary. Our salons are more than team orientated – we’re a big inclusive family. Our Salon Managers meet weekly and we have plans to hold quarterly away days and bi-annual Salon Group events where every member of the team has the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and participate in the development and growth journey of TOCA Salon Group.

Career Growth & Education

We are dedicated to continuing education that keeps our skills fresh. We understand that our profession requires constant learning and we pride ourselves on encouraging our teams creativity through education and training opportunities to provide our clients with a highly-trained and confident team of creative professionals. We promote from within and encourage the training and development of the next generation with junior roles in all our salons.

Brand Awareness

In 2020, TOCA Salon Group operated as an unknown business with a big vision. No one could have predicted the year we have experienced with 3 National closures impacting our industry. Despite the Global pandemic since September 2020 we have grown from 2 salons to more than 12 at the start of 2021, securing the livelihood and careers of over 100 creative and passionate professionals. Our large family of teams help set the standards and breathe life into our vision.

Our mission statement

To create the best client experience through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals alongside providing a fun and professional work environment for each of our team members. We believe in respect, pushing boundaries, celebrating individuality and promoting inclusivity. We care for our planet as much as we care about our extended family of salon teams and our clients and we show our integrity through our environmental, education and self-improvement commitments.